Second Annual Health and Wellness Day Recap

Caregivers participating in first workshop about "Self Care"

The second Annual Health and Wellness Day was a complete success! On May 20, 2016, a little over 100 family caregivers joined us in celebrating a day just for them. Come 8:30 am, the lines for registration was out the door. Note to self-have name tags done before our next event. Oops! As everyone entered the room and took their seats, the event got nicknames “The Butt Conference”. Let’s just say we were crammed like sardines in a can. Even the parking lot was full and we began parking a block away. Some of the ICRC staff played chauffeur for the day and parked the caregiver’s cars while they entered the event. Despite the crowded room, parking situation, and late start, everyone was laughing and having a great time.

The first workshop “Self Love” was presented by Michelle Putini and Jennifer Lopez. And by Jennifer Lopez, we mean Jennifer our family consultant and counselor, who lives in Riverside. Maybe with more state funding one day we can have “The Jennifer Lopez.” We also had Dr. Dean Sherzai and his wife Dr. Ayesha Sherzai who presented on Brain Health. The caregivers loved the presentation and left raving about the information and jokes they both offered.

Came lunch time, the “white” sandwich bread was not a fan favorite. However, the chocolate chip cookies went off with a hit. While some ate, others checked out the vendor and resource tables. Some caregivers had the opportunity to get a massage, other were outside playing music and dancing Zumba to “Danza Kudura.” After some calorie loss and sweat, we all gathered back into the main room for our closing. This is where the fun began with raffles and farewells. Raffles consisted of first aid kits, gift cards, movie tickets, and gift baskets.

Sooner than expected, two o’clock came and the event was coming to an end. Everyone gave their farewells hugs and goodbyes. With that out second annual Health and Wellness Day came to an end. Now time to finish organizing our next Health and Wellness Day on June 10, 2016 that will be in Spanish. Call (800)675-6694 to register and more information.


The picture was taken while the caregivers participated in the first workshop of coloring and learning about “self care”.